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The new TPS2000 Series oscilloscopes from Tektronix are versatile portable instruments ideal for engineers who need differential measurements up to 30VRMS floating. When coupled with the TPS2PBND power option bundle these oscilloscopes are ideal for industrial power designers, and installation and maintenance engineers who regularly confront high voltages up to 600VRMS CATII or 300VRMS CAT III floating. The TPS2000 Series features up to 4 isolated channels and isolated trigger input, as well as up to 8 hours of continuous operation with hot-swappable batteries.

TPS2000 Series when purchased with the optional TPS2PBND makes floating differential and three-purchasing-power measurements— accurately and quickly. Includes TPS2PWR1 Power Measurements & Analysis software all at a 40 percent savings!

Model Description Price  
TPS2PBND 4 x P5120 Passive High Voltage Probes; TPS2PWR1 $1,190


Model Description Price  
TPS2PWR1 Power Measurement and Analysis Software $490
TDSPCS1 TDSPCS1 OpenChoiceTM PC Communication Software $150
WSTRO WaveStar™ Software for Oscilloscopes $330

Passive Probes

Model Description Price  
P2220 10X, 1X, 200 MHz Passive Voltage Probe $94

Current Probes

Model Description Price  
CT2 2.5 A , 1.2 KHz – 200 MHz AC Current Probes $475
CT4* 200 A pk-pk AC Current Probe $3,900
TCP202** 15 A, 20 MHz AC/DC Current Probe $1,660
A621 2000 A, AC Current Probe/BNC $490
P6021 Amplifier Used with TCP303 or TCP305 or TCP312 Current Probe $995
P6022 Amplifier Used with TCP404XL $1,090
A622 100 A, 100 KHz AC/DC Current Probe $490


15 A, 15 MHz AC/DC Current Probe / Amplifier $2,000
TCP305 50 A, 50 MHz AC/DC Current Probe / Amplifier $1,100
TCP312 30 A, 100 MHz AC/DC Current Probe / Amplifier $1,300
TCP404XL 500A, 2 MHz AC/DC Current Probe / Amplifier $2,600
1103 Probe Power Supply $1,600

*Requires TCP202 current probe and 1103 TekProbe power supply when used with the TPS2000 Series
**Requires 1103 TekProbe power supply when used with the TPS2000 Series

High Voltage Probes

Model Description Price  
P5120 20X, 200 MHz 1000 V High Voltage Passive Probe $390
P5205* 1.3 kV, 100 MHz Active Differential High Voltage Probe $1,040
P5210* 5.6 kV, 50 MHz Active Differential High Voltage Probe $2,080

*Requires 1103 TekProbe® power supply when used
    with the TDS1000 or TDS2000 Series

Recommended Accessories

Model Description Price  
AC2100 Soft Carrying Case $78
HCTEK321 Hard Plastic Carrying Case (Requires AC2100) $595
TPSBAT Additional Lithium-Ion Battery $190
TPSCHG Battery Charger $390
343-1689-00 Versatile Hanger $25


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