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MetricTest and Agilent Technologies are partnering to provide you with the latest technology solutions for your short term rental needs.  R&D short term projects?  Compliance testing?  Line down / Product being serviced?  Don't own it. RENT IT!  Check out some of our hottest Agilent rental instruments available to ship today so you can start testing tomorrow!

Model Number Description List Price Advertised Rental Rate
(Per Month)
Keysight N4903B-C13-J10-J11-J20 Error Performance Analyzer
$278,982 Call for price
Keysight DSA91304A Infiniium Oscilloscope
13 GHz, 4 CH, 40GSa/s  
$131,430 Call for price
Keysight N9030A-526-B40-P26-LNP-MPB PXA Signal Analyzer
3 Hz to 26.5 GHz
$99,559 Call for price
Keysight E4448A-111-115-AYZ-B7J Spectrum Analyzer PSA Series
3 Hz to 50 GHz
$148,941 Call for price
Keysight N5182B-506-099-656-660-UNX MXG Performance Vector Signal Generator
9 kHz to 6 GHz
$54,145 Call for price
Keysight E5052B Signal Source Analyzer
10 MHz to 7 GHz

$88,820 Call for price
Keysight 86100D-200-201-ETR Infiniium DCA-X Oscilloscope Mainframe $49,043 Call for price
Keysight E8257D-521-UNY PSG Analog Signal Generator
10 MHz - 20GHz
$60,429 Call for price
Keysight 86118A Electrical Remote Head
Dual 70+ GHz
$49,503 Call for price
Keysight E8364C-010-014-016-080-081-082-083-084-H11-UNL PNA Network Analyzer
10 MHz to 50 GHz, 2 port
$196,896 Call for price

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Learn about our Rental Programs

There's a lot to be excited about with MetricTest's test equipment rentals program. Maintenance and calibration are included on all rented units, and MetricTest's rental program also offers you credit toward ownership on most instruments. Each rental payment gets you closer to owning the product!

Both month-to-month rentals and rent-to-own agreements give you many great features. Learn more about each program.

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