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Why Rent from MetricTest?

Worry-free & Flexible Rental Programs

The advantage of selection
MetricTest makes it easy to get the equipment you need, when you need it. As an authorized rental partner of Agilent, Tektronix, JDSU and several other leading manufacturers, MetricTest rents over 10,000 instruments and more than 50 different brands.

First rate service
MetricTest guarantees the performance of your unit for the length of the rental period. Required calibration and maintenance are performed by our ISO registered, NIST traceable lab - and you receive unparalleled technical support from our lab technicians. For assistance, please call our customer service hotline at (800) 417-4370 x154 from 7:00 AM until 5:00 PM PST Monday through Friday.

Credit towards ownership
On most MetricTest rentals you can get closer to owning the product with each monthly payment. Even with MetricTest's competitive month-to-month rental rate, we make it easier for you to buy the unit…in case you decide you want to keep it.

The power of flexibility
The MetricTest rental programs are designed to give you maximum flexibility, offering you choices and options so you're not stuck when your project changes direction.

Prorated rental payments
After you have had a month-to-month rental for 30 days or a rent-to-own for at least half of the term, your rental payments are prorated on a daily basis. For example, if MetricTest receives the unit on the fifth day of the rental period, you are only charged 5/30 of that month's cost.

Technology obsolescence protection
Your rental can be structured to match the useful life of the equipment and hedge against overpayment for obsolete technology. Renting in and of itself gives you technology obsolescence protection, and MetricTest's flexible cancellation policies give you even more protection.

Test Equipment Rental Benefits

Financial benefits

  • Save money over buying
  • No Capital Expenditure needed
  • Free up the cash for other investments
  • Spread out cost evenly
  • Operational cost instead of Capital cost
  • Eliminate the costs of ownership
  • Great cost control by project
  • Tax deductible
  • Off balance sheet
  • Stop the costs when you stop using

Other benefits

  • Immediate availability - huge range of equipment
  • Flexibility - Stop the costs at any time or change, upgrade, ramp up ramp down
  • Cover for equipment in calibration or repair
  • No obsolescence – you de-risk the supply of equipment
  • Applications advice from an impartial partner
  • High level of support service from our ISO registered NIST traceable lab
  • Peace of mind of having the right equipment available, calibrated and ready to use
  • More time to get on with other tasks
  • Try out the latest technology



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