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Agilent E4438C-506 250 kHz - 6GHz Signal Generator

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HP/Agilent E4438C-506 250 kHz - 6GHz Signal Generator
Manufacturer: Agilent
Product Status: Refurbished
Manufacturer List Price (US): $ 27,948
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  001   Internal baseband generator (8 Msamples memory)
  002   Internal baseband generator (32 Msamples memory)
  003   Enables ESG digital output connectivity with N5102A
  004   Enables ESG digital input connectivity with N5102A
  005   6 Gbyte hard drive
  0BV   Service documentation, component level
  0BW   Service documentation, assembly level
  1CM   Rack mount without handle
  1CN   Handle kit
  1CP   Rackmount kit with front handles
  1E5   High-stability time-base
  1EM   Moves all front panel connectors to rear panel
  221   Waveform 5-pack1
  222   Waveform 5-pack2
  223   Waveform 5-pack3
  224   Waveform 5-pack4
  225   Waveform 5-pack5
  226   Waveform 5-pack6
  227   Waveform 5-pack7
  228   Waveform 5-pack8
  229   Waveform 5-pack9
  300   GSM/EDGE Base-station Loop-back test capability
  400   3GPP WCDMA (FDD) personalities
  401   cdma2000 and IS-95-A personalities
  402   TDMA personalities (GSM, EDGE, NADC, PDC, PHS, DECT, TETRA)
  403   Calibrated noise personalities
  404   1XEV-DO signal studio software
  406   Bluetooth signal studio software
  407   Signal Studio for S-DMB
  408   Signal studio for enhanced multitone
  409   GPS personality
  411   TD-SCDMA (TSM) signal studio software
  414   Signal studio for 1xEV-DV and cdma 2000
  417   Signal studio for 802.11 WLAN
  418   Signal studio for HSDPA over W-CDMA
  419   Signal Studio for 3GPP W-CDMA HSPA
  420   Signal studio for pulse building
  421   Signal studio for noise power ratio (NPR)
  501   250kHz to 1 GHz
  502   250kHz to 2 GHz
  503   250kHz to 3 GHz
  504   250kHz to 4 GHz
  506   250kHz to 6 GHz
  601   Internal baseband generator, 8 Msa memory with digital bus capability
  602   Internal baseband generator, 64 Msa memory with digital bus capability
  701   Standard Chassis
  702   IEM Chassis
  703   UN7 Chassis
  704   UNB Chassis
  705   Standard and 005 chassis
  706   1EM and 005 chassis
  707   UN7 and 005 chassis
  708   UNB and 005 chassis
  709   UN7 and 300 Chassis
  710   UN7 and 300 and 005 Chassis
  711   UN7 and UNB Chassis
  712   UN7 and UNB and 005 Chassis
  713   506 and UN7 Chassis
  714   506 and UN7 and 005 Chassis
  715   506 Chassis
  716   506 and 005 Chassis
  717   1EM and UN7 and 300 Chassis
  718   1EM and UN7 and 300 and 005 Chassis
  719   1EM and UN7 Chassis
  720   1EM and UN7 and 005 Chassis
  791   Implied by E4438C-OC-SOFTWR
  792   Implied by E4438C-300
  AB0   Taiwan - Chinese localization
  AB1   Korea - Korean localization
  AB2   China - Chinese localization
  ABA   United States - English documentation set
  ABF   France - French localization
  ABJ   Japan - Japanese localization
  D01   Hardware option for E4438C
  D02   Hardware option for E4438C
  D03   Hardware option for E4438C
  D04   Hardware option for E4438C
  D05   Hardware option for E4438C
  D06   Hardware option for E4438C
  D07   Hardware option for E4438C; 503,1EM,UNB,UNP,1E5
  D08   Hardware option for E4438C; 503,1EM,UNB,UNJ,1E5
  D09   Hardware option for E4438C; 504,UNM,UNN,UNP,1E5
  D10   Hardware option for E4438C; 504,UNM,UNN,UNJ,1E5
  D11   Hardware option for E4438C; 504,UNM,UNB,UNP,1E5
  D12   Hardware option for E4438C; 504,UNM,UNB,UNJ,1E5
  D13   Hardware option for E4438C (504/1EM/UNN/UNP/1E5)
  D14   Hardware option for E4438C (504/1EM/UNN/UNJ/1E5)
  D15   Hardware option for E4438C (504/1EM/UNB/UNP/1E5)
  D16   Hardware option for E4438C (504/1EM/UNB/UNJ/1E5)
  D17   Hardware option for E4438C (506/UNM/UNB/UNJ/1E5)
  D18   Hardware option for E4438C (506/1EM/UNB/UNJ/1E5)
  H08   enchancement to E4438C-408
  H13   Enables option 413 (Pre-release signal studio for WiMAX personality) for the E4438C
  H14   Improved Phase Noise performance for a specific frequency
  H16   Warranted +16dBm maximum leveled RF output over 250MHz to 3GHz with option 506
  H20   Signal studio for pulse building for the E8267C opt. 420 to operate in the E4438C
  H25   Extends the lower limit to Swept-Sine frequency to 25 MHz for LF Out
  H3V   Increases the I/Q output voltage from 1.5V pk-pk to 3.0V pk-pk for the E4438C
  H58   Provide ACLR <= 58db for multi-carrier WCDMA
  HA3   Tested 100 Hz phase noise at 6 GHz and 100 Hz spurs at 5.18 GHz
  HA6   Provide ACLR less than= - 60dbc for muti-carrier WCDMA
  HA7   Specify Non-harmonics for frequency 136 MHz to 174 MHz to be less than -75 dBc
  HBC   Provides frequency from 4GHz up to 6GHz In and Out on the rear panel
  HCC   Provides 250MHz to 4GHz in & out on the rear panel
  HDS   Provides synchronized DSIM device clock
  HEC   Provides external BBG clock input on rear panel
  HF8   Extends the Frequency to 6.5 GHz for the E4438C with unspecified performance
  HM3   2nd BaseBand Generator, 8 MSA Memory with I/Q summing ratio and freq offset.
  HM4   2nd BaseBand Generator, 64 MSA Memory with I/Q summing ratio and freq offset.
  HP3   Second internal baseband generator for polar modulation with synchronization between two baseband generators, 8 Msa memory
  HP4   Second internal baseband generator for polar modulation with synchronization between two baseband generators, 64 Msa memory
  LIC   License CD-ROM
  QUO   N7617B-1FP 802.11 WLAN - connect to E4438C signal  generator, fixed, perpetual license
  RMKT   Agilent refurbished product
  SK2   SW KIT- SW CD, Pre-Installed SW LIC Notice
  SP1   Provides jitter injection for signal studio software
  SP2   Provides dynamic sequencing capability in the E4438C
  UK6   Commercial calibration certificate with test data
  UN7   Internal Bit Error Rate analyzer
  UNB   High output power with mechanical attenuator
  UNJ   Enhanced phase noise performance
  UNM   Standard front and rear panel connector configuration
  UNN   Standard output power with electronic attenuator
  Pre-Configured Units     
  HP/Agilent E4438C Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-001-1E5-504 Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-001-410-417-506-UNB-UNJ Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-001-410-506-UNB-UNJ Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-001-410-506-UNB-UNJ Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-002-003-004-005-400-506-UNJ Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-002-003-004-005-400-506-UNJ Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-002-003-004-005-506-UNJ Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-002-003-004-005-506-UNJ Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-002-003-005-410-506-UNB-UN7-UNJ Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-002-003-005-410-506-UNB-UN7-UNJ Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-002-005-003-004-400-506-UNJ Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-002-005-1E5-400-401-503 Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-002-005-221-401-506-UNB-UNJ Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-002-005-400-401-402-403-404-405-406-410-506-UN7-UNB-UNJ Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-002-005-400-401-402-403-404-405-406-410-506-UN7-UNB-UNJ Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-002-005-400-401-402-403-404-405-406-410-506-UN7-UNJ Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-002-005-400-401-402-403-404-419-506-UN7-UNB-UNJ Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-002-005-400-401-402-403-404-506-UN7-UNB-UNJ Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-002-005-400-401-402-403-419-506-UN7-UNB-UNJ Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-002-005-400-401-402-404-410-417-506-UN7-UNB-UNJ-N7612B-1FP-EFP Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-002-005-400-401-403-404-406-506-UN7-UNB-UNJ Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-002-005-400-401-404-406-506-UN7-UNB-UNJ Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-002-005-400-401-404-406-506-UN7-UNB-UNJ Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-002-005-400-401-404-417-506-UN7-UNB-UNJ Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-002-005-400-401-404-417-506-UN7-UNB-UNJ Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-002-005-400-401-409-418-506-UN7-UNJ Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-002-005-400-401-417-506-UN7-UNB-UNJ Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-002-005-400-401-417-506-UN7-UNB-UNJ Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-002-005-400-402-417-418-506-UNB-UNJ Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-002-005-400-402-417-506-UN7-UNB-UNJ Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-002-005-400-402-417-506-UN7-UNB-UNJ-N7617B Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-002-005-400-402-417-506-UNB-UNJ Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-002-005-400-402-506-UNB-UNJ Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-002-005-400-403-404-409-417-506-UN7-UNB-UNJ Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-002-005-400-403-404-417-506-UN7-UNB-UNJ Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-002-005-400-403-404-506-UN7-UNB-UNJ Refurbished Learn More This item is on sale!
  HP/Agilent E4438C-002-005-400-403-405-410-417-506-UNB-UNJ Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-002-005-400-403-417-506-UN7-UNB-UNJ Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-002-005-400-417-506-UN7-UNB-UNJ Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-002-005-401-402-405-410-417-506-UNB-UNJ Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-002-005-401-402-409-506-UN7-UNB-UNJ Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-002-005-401-402-417-504-UNJ Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-002-005-401-402-504-UNJ Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-002-005-401-402-504-UNJ Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-002-005-401-404-406-409-506-UNB-UNJ Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-002-005-401-404-406-506-UNB-UNJ Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-002-005-401-404-406-506-UNB-UNJ Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-002-005-401-404-406-506-UNB-UNJ-1CN Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-002-005-401-404-410-417-506-UN7-UNB-UNJ Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-002-005-401-404-410-417-506-UN7-UNB-UNJ Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-002-005-401-404-410-417-506-UN7-UNJ Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-002-005-401-404-410-506-UN7-UNB-UNJ Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-002-005-401-404-410-506-UN7-UNB-UNJ Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-002-005-401-404-410-506-UN7-UNJ Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-002-005-401-405-410-506-UNJ Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-002-005-401-409-417-506-UN7-UNJ Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-002-005-401-409-418-506-UN7-UNJ Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-002-005-401-409-506-1E5-UN7-UNJ Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-002-005-401-409-506-UN7-UNB-UNJ Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-002-005-401-409-506-UN7-UNB-UNJ Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-002-005-401-409-506-UN7-UNJ Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-002-005-401-417-506-UN7-UNB-UNJ Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-002-005-401-417-506-UN7-UNB-UNJ-N7600A-101-203-N7615A-101 Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-002-005-401-417-506-UN7-UNB-UNJ-N7600A-101-203-N7615A-101 Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-002-005-401-506-UN7-UNB-UNJ Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-002-005-401-506-UN7-UNB-UNJ Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-002-005-402-403-417-506-UN7-UNB-UNJ Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-002-005-402-417-418-506-UN7-UNB-UNJ-N7600A-101-203-N7615A-101 Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-002-005-402-504-UN7-UNJ Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-002-005-402-506-UN7-UNB-UNJ Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-002-005-402-506-UN7-UNB-UNJ Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-002-005-402-506-UN7-UNB-UNJ-N7602B-ETP Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-002-005-403-404-409-417-506-UN7-UNB-UNJ Refurbished Learn More Rental Special!
  HP/Agilent E4438C-002-005-403-405-410-417-506-UNB-UNJ Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-002-005-403-405-410-417-506-UNB-UNJ Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-002-005-403-405-410-417-506-UNB-UNJ-N7615A Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-002-005-403-417-506-UN7-UNB-UNJ Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-002-005-403-417-506-UN7-UNB-UNJ Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-002-005-403-417-506-UNJ-N7615A-101 Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-002-005-403-506-N7615A Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-002-005-403-506-UN7-UNJ Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-002-005-403-506-UN7-UNJ-N7615A-101 Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-002-005-403-506-UNB-UNJ Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-002-005-405-406-506-UN7-UNJ Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-002-005-405-406-506-UN7-UNJ Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-002-005-405-406-506-UN7-UNJ-N7617A-101-203-213 Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-002-005-405-410-417-506-UNB-UNJ Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-002-005-405-410-417-506-UNB-UNJ Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-002-005-405-410-506-UNB-UNJ Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-002-005-405-410-506-UNB-UNJ Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-002-005-405-410-506-UNJ Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-002-005-405-410-506-UNJ Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-002-005-406-417-506-UN7-UNJ Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-002-005-410-417-506-UN7-UNB-UNJ Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-002-005-410-418-506-UNB-UNJ Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-002-005-410-418-506-UNB-UNJ Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-002-005-410-506-UNB-UNJ Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-002-005-410-506-UNB-UNJ Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-002-005-410-506-UNJ Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-002-005-410-506-UNJ Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-002-005-417-418-506-UN7-UNB-UNJ-N7600A-101-N7615A-101 Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-002-005-417-506-UN7--UNB-UNJ Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-002-005-417-506-UN7-UNB-UNJ Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-002-005-417-506-UN7-UNB-UNJ Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-002-005-417-506-UN7-UNB-UNJ-N7600A-101-203-N7615A-101 Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-002-005-417-506-UN7-UNB-UNJ-N7600A-101-N7615A-101 Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-002-005-417-506-UN7-UNB-UNJ-N7613A101 Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-002-005-417-506-UN7-UNB-UNJ-N7613A101 Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-002-005-417-506-UN7-UNJ Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-002-005-417-506-UN7-UNJ Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-002-005-417-506-UN7-UNJ-UNB Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-002-005-417-506-UNB-UNJ Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-002-005-417-506-UNJ Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-002-005-417-506-UNJ-N7617A-101-203-213 Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-002-005-417-506-UNJ-N7617B-ETP-FTP-QTP Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-002-005-504 Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-002-005-504-UNJ Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-002-005-506-N7615A Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-002-005-506-UN7-UNB-UNJ Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-002-005-506-UN7-UNJ Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-002-005-506-UN7-UNJ Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-002-005-506-UN7-UNJ-N7616A-101 Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-002-005-506-UNB-UNJ Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-002-005-506-UNB-UNJ Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-002-005-506-UNJ Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-002-401-405-410-417-506-UNJ Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-002-405-406-409-410-415-506-UN7-UNB-UNJ Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-002-405-406-409-410-415-506-UN7-UNB-UNJ Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-002-405-410-506-UNB-UNJ Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-002-405-410-506-UNJ Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-002-405-410-506-UNJ Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-002-410-506-UNB-UNJ Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-002-417-506-UNJ Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-003-004-005-400-401-402-403-407-408-409-417-418-420-421-506-602-UN7-UNJ Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-003-004-005-400-401-402-403-407-408-409-417-418-420-421-506-602-UN7-UNJ Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-003-004-005-400-401-402-403-506-602-SP1-UNB-UNJ Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-003-004-005-400-401-402-407-506-602-UN7-UNJ Demo Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-003-004-005-400-401-402-506-602-SP1-UNB-UNJ Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-003-004-005-400-506-602-UN7-UNB-UNJ Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-003-004-005-403-417-506-602-UN7-UNB-UNJ-N7613A-N7615A-N7623A Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-003-004-005-417-419-506-602-UN7-UNJ Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-003-004-005-417-419-506-602-UNJ Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-003-004-005-421-506-602-UN7-UNJ Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-003-004-005-506-400-401-402-406-417-418-601-UNJ Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-003-004-005-506-602-UN7 Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-003-004-005-506-602-UN7-UNB-UNJ Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-003-004-005-506-602-UN7-UNJ Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-003-004-005-506-602-UN7-UNJ-N7615A-101 Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-003-004-005-506-602-UNB-UNJ-N7615A-101 Refurbished Learn More This item is on sale!
  HP/Agilent E4438C-003-004-005-506-602-UNJ Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-003-004-400-506-602-UNJ Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-003-004-400-506-602-UNJ Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-003-005-400-401-402-406-417-418-506-602-UNJ-N7617B Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-003-005-400-402-417-506-602-1E5-1CN-UN7-UNB-UNJ Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-003-005-400-402-417-506-602-UN7-UNB-UNJ Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-003-005-403-506-602-UNJ-N5102A Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-003-005-409-417-506-602-UN7-UNB-UNJ-N7613A-N7615B-1FP-EFP-QFP Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-003-005-417-506-602-UNJ Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent HP E4438C-003-005-417-506-602-UNJ-N7617B Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-003-005-503-400-403-1E5-UN7 Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-003-005-506-400-401-402-406-417-418-601-UNJ Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-003-005-506-400-402-403-419-602-UN7-UNB-UNJ Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-003-005-506-400-402-409-602-UN7-UNB-UNJ Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-003-005-506-602-UN7-UNB-UNJ Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-003-005-506-602-UNJ Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-003-005-506-602-UNJ Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-003-506-602-UN7-UNB-UNJ Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-004-005-400-401-402-403-419-506-602-UNB-UNJ Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-004-005-403-506-602-UN7-UNB-UNJ Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-005-1E5-400-503-602-UN7-UNJ Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-005-1E5-400-504-602-UN7 Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-005-400-401-402-403-404-419-506-602-UNB-UNJ Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-005-400-401-402-403-419-506-602-UNB-UNJ Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-005-400-401-402-403-506-602-UNB-UNJ Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-005-400-401-402-404-411-506-602-UN7-UNB-UNJ Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-005-400-401-402-404-506-602-UN7-UNB-UNJ Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-005-400-401-404-406-407-506-602-UNB-UNJ Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-005-400-401-404-406-407-506-602-UNB-UNJ Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-005-400-401-404-418-506-602-UNB-UNJ Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-005-400-401-404-504-602-1E5 Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-005-400-401-404-506-602-UNB-UNJ Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-005-400-401-503-601-UNB-UNJ Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-005-400-401-504-602-1E5-UN7-UNJ Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-005-400-401-506-602-UNB-UNJ Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-005-400-402-403-417-506-602-UN7-UNJ-UNB-N7615A-101 Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-005-400-402-403-419-506-602-UNB-UNJ-N7615A-101 Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-005-400-402-417-506-602-UN7-UNB-UNJ-N7617B Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-005-400-402-417-506-602-UNJ-N7617B Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-005-400-402-506-602-UN7-UNB-UNJ Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-005-400-403-417-506-602-UN7-UNJ-UNB-N7615A-101 Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-005-400-403-417-602-506-UNB-UNJ Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-005-400-403-503-602-1E5-UN7 Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-005-400-417-506-602-UN7-UNB-UNJ Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-005-400-417-506-602-UN7-UNB-UNJ Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-005-400-503-602-UN7-1E5 Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-005-400-503-602-UN7-UNJ Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-005-400-503-602-UN7-UNJ Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-005-400-506-602-UNB-UNJ Refurbished Learn More Rental Special!
  HP/Agilent E4438C-005-400-506-602-UNB-UNJ Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-005-400-506-602-UNJ Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-005-401-402-403-404-409-506-602-UNB-UNJ Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-005-401-402-404-506-602-UNB-UNJ Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-005-401-404-406-407-506-602-UNB-UNJ Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-005-401-404-406-407-506-602-UNB-UNJ Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-005-401-409-506-602-UNJ Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-005-401-504-602-UNB-UNJ Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-005-401-504-602-UNB-UNJ Demo Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-005-401-506-601-UNJ Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-005-401-506-602-UNB-UNJ Refurbished Learn More Rental Special!
  HP/Agilent E4438C-005-402-403-409-506-602-UN7-UNJ-N7600A-101-203-N7615A-101 Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-005-402-403-409-506-602-UNB-UNJ Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-005-402-409-506-602-UNB-UNJ Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-005-402-506-601-UNJ Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-005-402-506-601-UNJ-1CM Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-005-402-506-602-UNB-UNJ Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-005-403-409-506-602-UNB-UNJ Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-005-403-409-506-602-UNB-UNJ Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-005-403-417-506-602-UN7-UNJ-N7600A-101-203-N7615A-101 Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-005-403-417-506-602-UN7-UNJ-N7615A-101 Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-005-403-417-506-602-UN7-UNJ-UNB-N7600A-203-N7613A-N7615B-EFP-QFP-N7622A Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-005-403-417-506-602-UN7-UNJ-UNB-N7613A-101-N7615A-101 Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-005-403-417-506-602-UN7-UNJ-UNB-N7613A-101-N7615A-101 Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-005-403-417-506-602-UN7-UNJ-UNB-N7615A-101 Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-005-403-417-506-602-UN7-UNJ-UNB-N7615B-EFP-QFP Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-005-403-417-602-506-UNB-UNJ Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-005-403-417-602-506-UNJ Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-005-403-417-602-506-UNJ-N7615A-101 Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-005-403-419-506-602-UNB-UNJ-N7615A-101 Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-005-403-419-506-602-UNB-UNJ-N7615B Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-005-403-506-601-UNB-UNJ Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-005-403-506-602-UN7-UNB-UNJ Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-005-403-506-602-UN7-UNJ-N7600A-101-203-N7615A-101 Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-005-403-506-602-UN7-UNJ-N7600A-101-203-N7615A-101-N7623A-101 Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-005-403-506-602-UNB-UNJ Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-005-403-506-602-UNB-UNJ-N7615A-101 Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-005-403-506-602-UNB-UNJ-N7615B-1FP-EFP-QFP Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-005-404-406-407-506-602-UNB-UNJ Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-005-409-502-601-1E5-UN7 Refurbished Learn More Rental Special!
  HP/Agilent E4438C-005-409-506-602-UNB-UNJ Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-005-409-506-602-UNB-UNJ Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-005-417-506-602-UN7-UNB-UNJ Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-005-417-506-602-UN7-UNB-UNJ Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-005-417-506-602-UNB-UNJ Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-005-417-506-602-UNB-UNJ Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-005-417-506-602-UNB-UNJ-N7613A-101 Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-005-503-602-UN7 Refurbished Learn More Rental Special!
  HP/Agilent E4438C-005-503-602-UN7-UNB-UNJ Demo Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-005-503-602-UNB-UNJ Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-005-503-602-UNB-UNJ Demo Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-005-503-602-UNJ-UN7 Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-005-504-601 Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-005-504-601-1E5 Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-005-504-602-1E5 Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-005-504-602-UN7-UNJ Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-005-506-403-417-602-UN7-UNJ Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-005-506-403-602-UNB-UNJ Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-005-506-601-UNB-UNJ Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-005-506-601-UNB-UNJ Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-005-506-601-UNJ-1CN Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-005-506-601-UNJ-R51B-3C-RMKT Demo Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-005-506-602 1E5-UNB-UNJ Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-005-506-602-HEC-UN7-UNB-UNJ Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-005-506-602-HEC-UN7-UNB-UNJ Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-005-506-602-HEC-UN7-UNJ Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-005-506-602-UN7-UNB-UNJ Refurbished Learn More Rental Special!
  HP/Agilent E4438C-005-506-602-UN7-UNB-UNJ Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-005-506-602-UN7-UNJ Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-005-506-602-UN7-UNJ Demo Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-005-506-602-UN7-UNJ Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-005-506-602-UN7-UNJ Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-005-506-602-UN7-UNJ-N7613A-101 Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-005-506-602-UN7-UNJ-UNB Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-005-506-602-UNB-UNJ Refurbished Learn More This item is on sale!
  HP/Agilent E4438C-005-506-602-UNB-UNJ Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-005-506-602-UNJ Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-005-506-602-UNJ-N7600A-101-203-N7615A-101 Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-005-506-602-UNJ-N7615B-1FP Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-005-506-UN7-UNJ-602 Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-1E5-400-401-402-503-602 Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-1E5-503-601 Refurbished Learn More Rental Special!
  HP/Agilent E4438C-401-404-506-602-UNB-UNJ Rent Only Learn More Rental Special!
  HP/Agilent E4438C-417-506-601 Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-417-506-601 Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-417-506-601-UN7-UNJ Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-417-506-601-UNB-UNJ-UN7 Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-417-506-602-UN7-UNB-UNJ Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-417-506-602-UN7-UNB-UNJ Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-417-506-602-UNB-UNJ Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-417-506-602-UNB-UNJ Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-501 Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-501-601-1E5-UN7 Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-501-UNJ Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-503 Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-503-001-400-402-403-UNJ Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-503-002-005-400-401-403-404-1E5 Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-503-005-400-402-409-601-1E5 Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-503-005-400-402-409-602-1E5 Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-503-005-602 Refurbished Learn More Rental Special!
  HP/Agilent E4438C-503-409-601-1E5 Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-503-601 Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-503-601-1E5 Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-503-601-1E5-1CP Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-503-601-1E5-400-401-402 Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-503-601-1E5-UN7 Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-503-601-402-403-409-UNJ Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-503-UNJ Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-504-002-005-400-401-402-UNJ Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-504-300-402-403-602-UN7 Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-506-002-005-400-401-402-UN7-UNJ Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-506-002-005-UN7-UNJ Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-506-002-005-UN7-UNJ Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-506-002-400-401-402-UNB-UNJ Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-506-403-602-UNB-UNJ Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-506-403-602-UNB-UNJ Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-506-601-1E5-UN7 Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-506-601-402-403-409-UNJ Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-506-601-UNJ Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-506-602-UNB-UNJ Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-506-602-UNB-UNJ Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-506-602-UNJ Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-506-602-UNJ-N7613A-N7615B Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-506-602-UNJ-N7613A-N7615B-N7617B Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-506-SYSTEM1 Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-506-UNB-UNJ Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-506-UNB-UNJ Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-506-UNJ Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-602-005-403-409-506-UNB-UNJ Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-602-506 Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-602-506-UNJ Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-602-506-UNJ Rent Only Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-M1-002-005-1E5-300-400-401-402-403-404-405-406-410-504-UN7 Refurbished Learn More Rental Special!
  HP/Agilent E4438C-M26-002-005-400-405-410-506-UNJ Refurbished Learn More Rental Special!
  HP/Agilent E4438C-M29-401-403,504-602-N7615B-1TP- UNB-UNJ Refurbished Learn More Rental Special!
  HP/Agilent E4438C-M3-002-005-400-401-402-403-404-405 + 406-410-504-UN7-UNJ Refurbished Learn More Rental Special!
  HP/Agilent E4438C-M30-005-400-401-402-404-506-602-UNJ-N7620A Refurbished Learn More Rental Special!
  HP/Agilent E4438C-M31-005-506-602-UNJ Refurbished Learn More Rental Special!
  HP/Agilent E4438C-M32-003-005-400-402-403-419-506-602- UN7-UNJ Refurbished Learn More  
  HP/Agilent E4438C-M45-001-005-506-UNB-UNJ Refurbished Learn More Rental Special!
  HP/Agilent E4438C-M48-003-004-005-400-401-402-403-406-407-409 Refurbished Learn More Rental Special!
  HP/Agilent E4438C-M50-502-UNJ Refurbished Learn More Rental Special!
  HP/Agilent E4438C-M8-005-1E5-400-401-504-602-UN7-UNJ Refurbished Learn More Rental Special!
  HP/Agilent E4438C-M9-003-005-1E5-400-401-402-504-602-UN7-UNJ Refurbished Learn More Rental Special!

* Pricing and availablity are subject to change.
   Lease pricing is based on a 2 months down, 36-month term/$1 buyout. $5,000 minimum


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