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Keysight N5242A-200-285-H85 PNA-X Network Analyzer 10MHz to 26.5GHz 2-PORT w/extended power

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Keysight/Agilent N5242A-200-285-H85 PNA-X Network Analyzer 10MHz to 26.5GHz 2-PORT w/extended power
Manufacturer: Keysight
Product Status: Refurbished
Manufacturer List Price (US): $ 118,805
Refurbished Price: $86,400
Rental Price: Rental Special! In Stock - Request Quote or Call
Lease Price/Month: $2,830
Request quote for up-to-minute pricing & delivery.*

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  010   Time-domain measurements
  020   Add IF inputs
  021   Add pulse modulator to internal first source
  022   Add pulse modulator to internal second source
  025   Add four internal pulse generators
  029   Fully-corrected noise-figure measurements to 26.5 GHz
  080   Frequency offset measurements
  082   Scalar calibrated converter measurements
  083   Vector and scalar calibrated converter measurements
  084   Embedded LO measurements
  1A7   ISO 17025 compliant calibration
  1CM   Rack mount kit for installation without handles
  1CP   Rack mount kit for installation with handles
  200   2 ports, single source
  219   Add extended power range and bias-tees to 2 port analyzer
  224   Add internal second source, combiner and mechanical switches to 2-port analyzer
  400   4 ports, dual source
  419   Add extended power range and bias-tees to 4 port analyzer
  423   Add internal combiner and mechanical switches to 4-port analyzer
  551   N-port calibrated measurements
  629   Noise figure accessories
  897   Built-in performance test software for Agilent inclusive calibration, perpetual license
  898   Built-in performance test software for standards compliant calibration, perpetual license
  A6J   ANSI Z540 compliant calibration
  H08   Pulsed - RF Measurements
  UK6   Commercial calibration certificate with test data
  Pre-Configured Units     
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* Pricing and availablity are subject to change.
   Lease pricing is based on a 2 months down, 36-month term/$1 buyout. $5,000 minimum


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