Sofa cover — a simple way to freshen up your living arrangement

Sofa cover

Is your interior design getting tedious? Do you think that the current arrangement has become unexciting? If you are thinking about changing something in your home decor, check what you can do with IKEA covers to turn your old furniture into a refurbished piece of decor.

Switch over your furniture

A minor move of a few old furniture pieces in your house can make it feel so much better there. Perhaps the current sofa setting does not let you enjoy the television. Or maybe you have trouble spending time comfortably with your family or friends?

Experiment with the position of armchairs, table, and sofa to find the best solution that refreshes your interior. If the new furniture position does not suit you, you can easily go back to the previous arrangement or consider another one.

Get adorable accessories

When you decorated your apartment a few years ago, you equipped it with accessories that you loved very much then. However, time passes, trends change and the materials wear out. The accessories, which certainly go well with the walls and furniture colors, are no longer noticeable. They no longer please the eyes with their brilliance, embarrassing with their old age.

How about buying a new slipcovers for the sofa, a few soft pillows, or a flower vase in an energetic color for your house? To keep your interior stylish, decide to change some of the accessories periodically. You can choose a series of pictures that change every season, curtains with interesting patterns, or colorful sofa cover.

Give color to your favorite sofa with slipcovers

As mentioned above, you can give your furniture a completely new look in an easy and low-cost way. If you have popular and beloved IKEA furniture in your house, you will quickly make a spectacular makeover by buying new juicy-colored slipcovers for a sofa or armchair.

IKEA slipcovers in a wide range of colors are offered by the Soferia brand. They are hand-made and stain-resistant, so your old sofa will radically change its character. Thanks to the removable Soferia sofa cover, you dont have to replace the entire piece of furniture when it looks very worn out. The option to buy a cover is useful when the original one doesn’t match the interior anymore.

As you can see, an amazing makeover of your house can be done in a cheap and simple way. Thanks to a few small and smart tricks, your IKEA sofa can look like new, and your refreshed apartment will finally surprise your guests.



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