Which Materials To Use When Teaching English To Adults

Which Materials To Use When Teaching English To Adults

Adults often seek to improve their English-language skills, as the language is beneficial in different settings for example: at work, when traveling abroad, and when watching movies and using the Internet. Teaching adults differs from teaching children. Kids have a much longer attention span and can learn through play and other methods. However, adults tend to lose their motivation way more quickly and want to learn faster.

ELS materials for adults

For adults, it is not enough to read theoretical texts or fill in blank fields in assignments. Rather, adults require different teaching methods than children. A lesson plan for adult learners should include many practical parts which will help them learn how to use English materials effectively. Excellent ESL materials for adults include:

– reading magazines in English, including business magazines such as The New Yorker and Science Magazine;

– watching YouTube channels or movies with subtitles (this way adults will notice how important it is to know English in everyday situations);

– listening to podcasts and translating difficult words or passages;

– reading business news on the Internet as it may be useful for professional adult work;

– crossword puzzles as a form of some kind of amusement activity for adults.

A lesson plan for adult students should include a theoretical part, followed by a more practical section.

Lesson plan for adults

You can find a pre-intermediate lesson plan on the Internet but you also should think about your targets. Sometimes adults come to class to get a better job. Others are looking for a sense of personal satisfaction. Still, other people just want to go abroad without hesitating to communicate. The pre-intermediate lesson plan should inspire adults to take further action, give them motivation and willingness to act. An adult lesson must be full of creative and inspiring elements. Instead of a textbook, you can use English magazines, lyrics for translation, as well as various content from the web. Lessons should imitate reality, not just a theoretical basis. Authentic materials are much more interesting, they make adults more likely to read English magazines after class, and watch movies in a foreign language in the evening. The teacher may also choose the storytelling task, recruitment interviews in English, or discussions in that language.

The foundation for teaching adults is the use of engaging and authentic materials. Additionally, it is vital to ensure that adults do not lose their motivation but remain patient and strive to achieve their goals.



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