Hair extensions for the short hair – a brief guide

Hair extensions for the short hair

Whether you crave an instant metamorphosis or want to change your looks for longer, hair extensions are an answer – even if your hair is very short. Check what you should remember about when extending short hair.

Some people love to experiment with their hairstyles, even if there’s some risk involved. Short haircuts are particularly risky since once you don’t like the effect, you cannot get your hair back. Regardless of that, sometimes we’re too curious to step out, and we end up with a hairstyle that is a complete mismatch.

But hey – there’s a way back! If you don’t want to wait for your hair to grow longer, you can help nature by using hair extensions. They’re an affordable and instant way to change your looks radically.

How long should your hair be to apply hair extensions?

Even if you cut your hair really short, there’s hope! The minimum length of the strands is only 5 cm (counting from the top of the head). That’s enough to hide the connections between your natural hair and the hair extensions. Note, however, that the shorter your hair is, the less natural will be the final effect.

Which hair extension method is suitable for short hair?

We wouldn’t recommend using the clip-in extensions, which are the heaviest and the most visible among all variants. The most natural effect is achievable with sew-in or microbead. Tape hair extensions may be a good choice, too.

Hot fusion and cold fusion keratin-based methods are usually suitable for a little longer hair, like 7 cm minimum. They’re discreet and long-lasting, but at the same time, more time-consuming and costly. They also may cause some damage, so they are not recommended for thin, easily-breaking hair.

It’s also worth remembering that not every hairstyle works with extensions. A classic bob is fine, but the pixie or asymmetric hairstyle may be challenging even for the best hairdresser. We recommend reaching out to the professional hair extension specialist experienced with the most demanding cases. They should help you with the whole process, from the product selection to the application of the extensions.

How to choose the best hair extensions?

Whether you’re looking for blonde or black hair extensions, pay attention to quality – it’s essential, particularly in the case of short hair. The strands should be 100% natural, fit your hair with their curl type and porosity. To maintain a good quality, make sure to wash the extensions from time to time using non-invasive products like shampoos without SLS and SLES. The heat treatment is allowed in the case of natural strands, but don’t do it too often. 



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