Food and meat processing equipment – purchase top quality equipment

purchase top quality equipment

The food and meat processing industry is extremely demanding. In order to meet the challenges and achieve our goals, we need reliable equipment that we can rely on. Without modern, high-quality equipment, efficient production is hard to achieve. ERY Food Machinery has a wide range of butchers and food processing equipment to satisfy even the most demanding customers. Using our years of experience in supplying equipment to restaurants, butchers, hotels and other food service establishments, we know exactly what the expectations are. We encourage you to take a look at our full assortment and to find the device that fits your business.

Food mixers –  professional catering equipment

This device is mainly used in places where sausages or canned food are produced. Food mixers are designed for mixing meat stuffing. Can be used for:


  • dough, 
  • sauces,
  • vegetables,
  • salads,
  • cheese
  • various meats,
  • sausages frozen foods,
  • and other products.


At  ERY Food Machinery, we offer a wide range of models, different in size  and power. All of them are the highest quality meat mixers with modern electric motors and made of stainless steel and other materials approved for contact with food. Professional meat mixers will help streamline the production process of any food processing plant. This will save you valuable time providing accurate and fast mixing of various types of meats and stuffing. Meat mixers from renowned companies such as Velati, ASGO or Nowicki are designed to make work easier and faster.

New and used butcher machines – wide offer of ERY Food Machinery

On our website, you will find high quality new and used meat processing equipment for sale. In our assortment, we have such machines as: vacuum stuffers, steakers, vacuum tumblers, meat grinders, mixers, clippers, slicers, vacuum packing machines, separators, skinners. We select equipment for our offer very precisely to meet the expectations even the most demanding customers. We can offer you new modern machines or used ones that are also in great condition. We are sure that our devices will prove themselves regardless of the type of business. 

You need reliable machine for your catering establishment, food processing facility or catering company? We encourage you to contact us for more information regarding our offer. If you are undecided, our specialists will help you choose the right model and propose a financially attractive offer. We invite everyone interested to visit our website – ERY Food Machinery.



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