New butchers machinery – specialized equipment for food industry

New butchers machinery

We are a company specialized in sales, purchase, and repair of machinery for food and meat industry. We have experience in operating on the Polish and European markets. Furthermore, we provide professional service from start to finish. On client’s request, we can acquire selected machinery from trusted suppliers and the best manufacturers in the industry. We are very committed to the quality of our services. We approach every client individually, trying our best to make you fully satisfied at the end of the cooperation. If you run a food related business, we encourage you to familiarize with our offer. ERY Food Machinery – come and see for yourself.

New and used butchers machinery – only top-notch devices

In our machine park, there is over 1000 pieces of specialized equipment designed for butcher shops and food processing industries including vacuum tumblers, filling machines, meat cutters, vacuum packing machines, clipping machines, and steakers. Every individual category available on our website contains various devices for the preparation and packaging of meat and other food products. Food dicers cut products into small pieces, food mixers are designed for mixing meat stuffing, bowl choppers prepares heavily crumbled stuffing and vacuum packing machines vacuum-pack the finished product. These are just a few of the equipment we have to offer you. Our new butchers machinery, can make the work in the facilities providing food-related services definitely more efficient.

Professional meat grinders – indispensable in the meat industry

These devices are recommended for use in butcher’s, restaurants, or shops. Our offer addressed to a very wide range of customers. They are perfect for any place where you need to grind meat or other products. The machines in our offer are characterized by: powerful motors, voluminous tanks, high capacity, sharp modern blades, safe easily removable parts. These features ensure perfect grinding, eliminate the risk of injury when working with the machine, and allow easy cleaning and maintenance. You may also be interested in used meat grinders, which can be purchased at lower prices but differ very little in quality.

If you have any questions or are interested in certain issues, we invite you to contact us. We know all about the machines in this industry, we will help you find the right equipment and repair the one you already have if necessary. ERY Food Machinery – professional and reliable repurchase of butcher and catering machinery.



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