How to cook spinach?

How to cook spinach?

Green spinach leaves are a bomb of vitamins and minerals. All the more they should appear on plates. You have no idea how to prepare spinach, which will be enjoyed by you and your comrades at the common table? You don’t know what to combine it with or what spices to add to it? How to cook spinach?

How to make spinach

Spinach, like other vegetables, should be washed before cooking. During storage, the spinach wilt and bitter, so you should make it shortly after purchase. After washing and drying the leaves, tear off or cut off the tails. During puberty, they become harder and phlegmon. Spinach can be eaten raw, therefore the heat treatment should be as short as possible. Long cooking will make the spinach lose its intense green color. To prevent discoloration, when preparing spinach, salt it and avoid the addition of acidic products. If the ingredient of the dish is e.g. lemon juice, add it at the very end of cooking or when applying the dish.

How to prepare spinach?

You can buy frozen spinach or prepare it yourself. A package of ground frozen spinach weighing 450 grams costs about 3 zlotys, for frozen spinach in leaves in the same package we will pay about 4 zlotys. At home, we freeze spinach as follows: fresh spinach leaves should be changed and washed. Then mix in a blender and then transfer to molds, e.g. ice scythes and place in the freezer. Such frozen spinach should be put into a special ice cream bag or box and stored in the freezer.

How to cook spinach?

How to serve dry spinach?

An excellent classic is butter stewed spinach. However, green spinach leaves can be prepared in many different ways. Spinach dishes can be served for every meal of the day. From a simple sandwich and salad, through pasta, frittatas, to egg muffins, dumplings and shakshouka. The spinach flavor goes well with many products, such as eggs, dairy products, pulses, tomatoes, seafood and poultry. You can use them as a base to prepare many tasty dishes with the addition of spinach.

How do you serve sweet spinach?

Spinach is an extremely versatile vegetable that you can easily experiment with in the kitchen. This also applies to sweet dishes. First of all – when thinking about a sweet meal using spinach – a cocktail comes to mind. The combination with exotic fruits, such as pineapple, kiwi, kaki (also called sharon) or orange, works perfectly. However, spinach will also go well with less exotic apples or pears.

Why is milk added to spinach?

Freezing retains all the properties of vegetables, including their ingredients that give us undesirable effects. Spinach also has such a compound – it is oxalic acid, which leaches calcium from the body. Therefore, it is worth adding to the dish with spinach, regardless of whether it is fresh or frozen spinach, a product supplementing the level of calcium: for example, milk or yogurt. It can also be cream or cheese.




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