How to make candles?

How to make candles?

Making candles at home is a creative and truly rewarding occupation. We not only create a beautiful thing, but also useful. It is worth emphasizing that this is not a costly or labor-intensive occupation, while the pleasure of presenting the final effect – a handmade candle will fill every creator with pride. How to make candles?

What is worth knowing?

A very important point to look for when buying paraffin is the level of oily paraffin.

Paraffins whose oil content is less than 1% are intended for the production of candles that can be used indoors.

Paraffins with higher oil levels are cheaper but should not be used at home. These are paraffins intended for candles or outside candles.

Basic types of paraffin candles

How to make a candle step by step – we can make a free-standing candle, which will be in itself the decoration and decoration of the house, or make a candle flooded in a container. For the second type of candles we can use a decorative glass, a nice jar, a cup or a decorated can.

Preparation of ingredients

You will need wax to make scented candles. If you have leftover candles or ordinary candles at home that you don’t like, you don’t even have to buy it. The second thing is glass dishes (e.g. after a burned candle, jars of tomato concentrate, after spices) or molds, which you can easily cut (rolled technical paper rolled with a printed bottom, bottom part of an aluminum can). Other accessories include: a wick or thick cotton string, a clip, fragrance oils, a pot with a thick bottom, a vessel for dissolving paraffin, various colors and decorations depending on the type of candle: slices and peels of citrus, coffee beans, shells.

How to make candles?

Dissolving wax

To start the production of scented candles, half fill the pot with water. Boil her. Divide the paraffin or leftover candles into small pieces and put in an additional dish. It can be a smaller pot that you put into a pot of water, hooking your ears to the edge of it. It can also be a bowl that you put on the pot. It is important that steam from hot water heats the vessel and gradually dissolves the wax pieces. The process must be supported by mixing.

Giving the fragrance and color

Add a few (or even a dozen) drops of fragrance oil to the dissolving wax and a dye or grated colored wax crayons. You can also pour some glitter. Your scented candles will be more eco if you use cinnamon, cardamom, orange or vanilla aroma instead of oil. Carefully but thoroughly mix the mixture.

Scented candle molding

Time for a key moment: forming. Take a previously prepared mold or glass dish. Line them with toppings: coffee beans, orange slices, cloves or cinnamon sticks. In the center of the bottom attach the end of the wick or string.

You can use the ingenious grandmother’s method – take a piece of potato and make a hole in it. Tie a knot at the end of the string, and then thread the string through the hole in the potato. Lay it on the bottom of the candle and attach the other edge of the string to the clothes hook and place it horizontally on top of the mold (you can also tie the string to a stick or spoon). Slowly pour liquid wax. Align the top layer of wax, e.g. with an ice cream stick. Leave to freeze. Cut the wick to the correct length.




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