How to use Twitter?

How to use Twitter?

Twitter is the fastest source of information exchange in the world. This is where current events are discussed, here the whole world looks at revolutions and the overthrow of governments, here the fans enjoy the goals and results of great athletes, this is where the emotions are. Sure, television, press and internet media will also show these topics, they will also convert the statement of a politician who posted a short message on Twitter, they will also discuss all these issues. But they will do it much later, and what’s more, the editors will decide for you what is important, they will impose their own reasoning and worldview. And they’ll put a hot chop under your nose. How to use Twitter?

Why do I need Twitter?

Before I get into explaining how Twitter works, a glossary of basic concepts, tips, good habits and everything else, you need to answer one damn important question. Do you need Twitter? There is a misconception that Twitter is a social network that no one else has, and only politicians and journalists use it. It’s not like that. There are actually quite a few politicians and media representatives on Twitter. They are easy to find, because they talk a lot and often fuel discussions. However, on Twitter there is no shortage of so-called ordinary users. And what is important, there are also athletes, artists, musicians and singers. There are plenty of specialists: lawyers, doctors, teachers and professors.

How to use Twitter? Understand him!

To understand Twitter, you need to give yourself some time and … watch. See how communication works here. Remember the specifics of Twitter – here users focus on conversation and sharing key, valuable content, which very often has the form of a short, meaningful teaser with a link to extensive articles or interesting pages and news. Twitter likes minimalism and communication – remember that.

How to use Twitter?

On Twitter you will find mainly:

  • news and comments on current events
  • short teasers with links to expert content
  • conversations and discussions

It is conversation, exchange and sharing valuable content that is characteristic of Twitter. Remember this when planning how to communicate on your own account (whether private or business)

Types of entries on Twitter

If you think that Twitter only allows tweets, then you are wrong. It is not as extensive as Facebook, but in addition to the usual entries we can also choose from several other formats.

What can we gain

The limited number of characters we can use on Twitter may seem like a restriction, but the short format of the message allows you to share information very quickly. This is what distinguishes Twitter. Everything happens quickly there. Twitter users react quickly to appearing information, quickly reply to messages. An invaluable advantage of this portal is also that we can use it to reach people with whom we would have a problem to contact by email or phone.

Twitter allows you to join thematic groups that are related to the company’s business. In addition to the fact that these groups give the opportunity to establish new business contacts, they are also a source of knowledge that is shared by other people.




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